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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Comm 240 Assignment #2)

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was launched in November 2005. It is a free, online service that is provided and run by Nintendo for customers owning a Nintendo DS or the upcoming Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows these customers to interact with each other while using the different software programs made for the video gaming systems.

The customers can connect to the network by using their wireless networks at home to connect to the Wi-Fi Connection through the internet, or by utilizing one of the “hotspots” established by Nintendo and their corporate partners. The hotspots are located throughout the country, and allow the customer to connect to the network in public places, like McDonald’s. The ability to use the network at home or in public is relatively new to video gaming systems, and provides a strong marketing tactic for Nintendo’s systems.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection works by creating and maintaining a network for the customers to use. The hardware for the Nintendo DS doesn’t internally support the TCP/IP protocols used to connect to the internet, due to it only operating on Layer 1 and Layer 2 of the of the OSI Network Model, and the IP communications for the internet residing on Layer 3 of the Model. The setup of the DS allows for the software, meaning the video games for the system, to introduce the IP protocols needed for communication on the internet. This allows the third party companies to establish their game’s internet interaction as they see fit, and possibly charge an additional fee for online play/use. The Nintendo Wii has not yet been released, and information regarding its use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is still not definite. The projected setup for the Wii expands on the DS’s model and will allow for connection to the internet without requiring the use of third party programs.

The production of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has proven to be a strong selling point for the Nintendo DS, helping to sell millions of the DS units worldwide. Nintendo created something that was not available in the video gaming world, and by marketing it as such, they drew in lots of interest and sales. In March 2006, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection recorded its millionth user, achieving that mark in only four months of operation. With games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing already being used on the network, and plenty more games in development to be used on the Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo has used the idea of online video gaming portability to re-establish itself as one of the top companies in the industry.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Life outside school and paying for school.

As a student I spend most of my time dealing with school or work, but when I have free time there are two things I that enjoying doing.

Playing/watching sports. To catch up on any sports information I miss, I always check


Playing video games. To learn about new games and find out what to play I like to check